BRODA Stains and Coatings

Lois Lumber is an authorized dealer of the Broda® coatings products.


Natural oil wood stain for decks, walls, logs, siding, shakes, 
timbers and other wooden surfaces. Time-tested wood stain finishes. 
Easy maintenance.


Water-based acrylic coating for wood walls, trim, beams, and or 
other substrates available in a gloss acrylic finish or a satin 
acrylic finish. An acrylic finish for concrete, stone and or 
masonry is also available


Water-based urethane coatings for stairs, floors, railings, trim, 
furniture and other wooden substrates. Our most durable coatings. 
Ultra-clear or ultra-rich formulas


Water-based elastomeric paint for walls, wood, plywood, concrete 
and other surfaces. A do-it-all coating that fills cracks and surface 

Click on the link below to see the colors available.

Broda products color chart

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