Lois Lumber offers quality western wood species for structural applications including the most popular structural wood in North America for natural timber post and beam construction: Douglas Fir.

Douglas fir

Not all Douglas Fir is equal.  Coast Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is stronger than other Douglas fir and larch species included in its strength category. Lois Lumber sources timber from the coastal forests of British Columbia and manufactures from only the highest-grade select structural timber.

An ideal choice for demanding applications Available in a wide variety of girth and length, Lois Lumber green coast Douglas fir timber has a minimum of strength-reducing characteristics, making it an ideal choice for demanding post and beam application.

Alaska Yellow Cedar

Also available from Lois Lumber is Alaska cedar, a.k.a. yellow cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) which grows in the Pacific coast region of North America. With a fine texture and straight grain, Alaska cedar shrinks little as it dries and demonstrates exceptional stability, making an excellent choice for projects with equal emphasis on beauty and structure. Because of its decay-resistant heartwood, Alaska cedar is also an appropriate selection for environmentally demanding circumstances.

Some timbers are cut on site and some are cut and processed off site with the help of our supplier Fraserwood who was the first manufacturer to recognize that Radio Frequency Drying could be applied to large, solid-sawn timbers, an adapted technology they have been perfecting for the last decade.

With the help of this great technology, Lois Lumber is now able to offer dry timber to exacting standards up to 60′ in length and 48″ in depth.


Three levels of Dry available

Facedry : Maximum 19% moisture content 1-1/4″ from the surface. For uses where a finish, such as paint or stain, will be applied to the timber or log. The member is dried in a conventional kiln promoting acceptable performance of finishes and coatings.

Heartdry : 19% moisture content to the heart of the timber. For applications with strict engineering specifications and higher performance expectations, such as commercial projects or for high quality timberwork where finishes and joinery must look as good years after installation as they did the day installed. This timber is dried “to the heart” in a specially designed Radio Frequency kiln to maximum 19% moisture content 3 v in toward the heart of the timber. This assure the designer, engineer and builder that the average moisture content is below 19% and that the product’s performance will meet expectations for safety and serviceability.

Heartdry15 : Maximum 15% moisture content three inches in toward the heart of the timber. For use in more extreme circumstances, such as those in very dry North American localities where year-round relative humidity will typically remain at or below 30%.

Expert Service with Quality Assurance We can help you choose the appropriate level and then have the experts dry your timber to one of these specifications. Each timber are tested before delivery to guarantee that your expectations are met.